Why Jets Should Keep Mike Maccagnan, despite fans anger


In an article in the New York Post on December 16, 2018, author Brian Costello does a great job  explaining how the Jets jockeyed its position in the 2018 NFL Draft to obtain one of three quarterback targets.  The Jets landed San Darnold, which in my opinion, is an excellent choice.  I agree that the loss on Saturday to the Texans actually felt like a win in many ways.  And, that it was impossible to walk away from Met Life Stadium not feeling impressed with the rookie quarterback.  I also like running back Elijah McGuire, who’s fresh legs has given the Jets Offense a spark in the running game.  It’s inconceivable to witness how bad New York teams have been (with the exception of the Yankees) over the past few years.  How the country’s number one market can’t seem to rid of the terms “re-build” and “wait ’till next year.”  The only saving grace is the hope that new seasons bring to each of us – and the improvements that we are all looking for in production.  The art of coaching includes putting players in positions and an environment that their players can be successful.  This includes developing strategies (offensive and defensive) that includes deception and overloads to give them an advantage.  It also includes reducing limitations on key players like forcing a quarterback to stay in his pocket.  Sam Darnold’s inherent tools, including his ability to run and fake, gives their offense tremendous options.  Here, is where coaches should free up their young star to read and react.  Good signs are coming out of the Jets camp as we head towards the finish line of the 2018 season.  Let’s hope for a better 2019.

  • 12/16/18
  • Brian Costello