Trump says Border Wall Fight is Battle his Administration needs to win



In a January 6, 2018 New York Post article, reporter Nikki Schwab, states that President Trump remained laser-focused on the wall today again quoting Democrats who he believes were once supportive of a plan to build a structure on the U.S.’s southern border.  He went on to quote Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who at one time during their campaign’s expressed and agreed to this sentiment.

In an update of the article the reporter expresses President Trump’s intention for this administration to win because it defines “who we are” as a country.  The President told reporters as he left the White House for Camp David, “From the standpoint of safety, No. 1, defining our country and who we are.  Also from the standpoint of dollars.  This wall will pay for itself many times through the course of the year.”

In an initial report, the President was quoted as saying that the democrats don’t want the wall because walls work.

In a recent social media caricature of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, the two high ranking officials are holding up a sign that states, “$5 Billion for a wall is a waste of money.  But spending $155 Billion a year to support them here illegally is a human right!”  Another idea expressed the wall turning into a 1954-mile National Monument Wall listing the names of those that have died for our freedom.

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Good ideas are coming from the people…it’s going to be an entertaining year!




  1. the government shutdown will back fire in the Democrates face—-the longer it takes the better it is for Trump why ????? because the Americans are not stupid, they know that 5 billion is a small amount of the budget and also the Democrats approved 54 billion for the benefit of foreign countries all this proves that the Democrats do not care about Americans