Government Shutdown – Just Bricks in the Wall



Are we all just bricks in the wall?  I believe we can say my paternal grandfather was who entered this country like so many of our ancestor’s…the correct and lawful way (he does have a memorial brick in Ellis Island).  With the passing of the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 so did end the free flowing entrance process.  The immigration department implemented stricter screening of applicants, which included health inspections.  Our family friend, Marty Manion, who migrated to America from Ireland in 1965 went through the process and it took him 5 years.  I like the line in “The American President” where Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) addresses the press by saying, “America is advanced citizenship…you’ve got to want it badly.”  I like to think that among other things this means there are laws, morals, and standards that American citizens must follow.  Including laws on immigration.

In an article in the L.A. Times (February, 2017) reporters, Brittny Mejia, Cindy Carcamo, and Carina Knoll, state that Nearly 10% of the nation’s 11.1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally reside in Los Angeles and Orange counties, according to the research center. The region is home to 1 million such immigrants, second only to the greater New York area, which has 1.2 million.  Now this was published 2 years ago so we wonder what the tally is today.  What troubles me is that our two leading democratic representatives, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are leading politicians from these two states.

On the other hand, if you stand by President Trump, we like to think that you are part of a little Revolution.  A revolution against politics.  Sure there weren’t any guns, new flags, or patriotic songs by a country music artist, but we did see a statement made by American citizens.  President Trump is not a politician…he is a businessman.  And when folks, who have not come to this realization, discover this, everything makes sense.  Here’s a representative, who is wealthy enough that he can’t be bought, who was tired of seeing our traditions, customs, and morals, get pushed aside to promote “progressive” thinking and ideals, and to renew a focus on America first. The current Administration’s objectives follow this business strategy.  It seems that they are trying to complete as many “promises” to the people that they made during their campaign run.

If you look at the many reports coming out of the Southern Border it is difficult to make a decision.  Both parties have excellent viewpoints.  I like to go to the local sources and get the views of those close to the action.  You’ll find that they are reporting major concerns along the lines of security and the well-being of our citizens.

It’s time to replace the “wall” negotiators with new representation (and I’m not talking about Alec Baldwin replacing our president – though he does do a nice impression).  To find a solution…a compromise.  Representatives from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, to decide the course of action.  If I’m not mistaken, Canada recently came out with a report that they are opening their borders – perhaps they can share the burden.  Initiate a bond offering from the state level to construct their portion.  Come to a solution.  But let’s get the government re-opened and move forward.