Historic Yankees contract signed by Babe Ruth sells for nearly $300,000


In this USA Today Sports short, Scott Boeck, reports on how the Bambino played ball with the Yankees in order to adjust to the times.  Would we ever see that attitude in modern sports athletes…I think there are some that would demonstrate this form of character and dedication: 

Imagine if Babe Ruth were a free agent today.

A historic 1932 contract signed by Ruth — in which he was forced to take a pay cut with the New York Yankees — was sold at auction for nearly $300,000 on Friday, according to auctioneer RR Auction.

The Bambino settled for $75,000 — a $5,000 decrease from the previous year because of the Depression, which factored into baseball’s revenues. His contract included 25 percent of the net receipts from Yankees exhibition games.

“Ruth’s Depression-era contract provided an unprecedented historical look at the Game of Baseball — especially considering Manny Machado’s just signed deal worth $300 million, the richest free-agent contract in baseball history, ” said Bobby Livingston, executive VP at RR Auction.

For comparison, the copy of the Red Sox part of the deal that sold Ruth to the Yankees auctioned for close to $1 million in 2005.

  • 02/23/2019
  • Scott Boeck