Homeland Security secretary testifies

After yesterday’s Homeland Security hearing, CNN reporters Meg Wagner and Brian Ries, offer this summary of “What We Need to Know” coming out of the hearings.  Interestingly, there is no reference to Representative Dan Crenshaw’s (TX) time at the mic where he includes declarations first hand about a young Mexican girl brought across the border without her parents – making it after three tries, ends up in New York City, and is raped multiple times each day for five years…human trafficking seems to exists.  Also, there is no mention of the 76,000 migrants that attempted entry to America through it’s southern border last month, as testified and mentioned in a Fox News report.  Not sure if the reporters ran out of ink, or space, but we need these pertinent facts exposed to the American public.  Here’s the report, with Representative Dan Crenshaw’s video segment at the end (if the video doesn’t open you can access on youtube or twitter):

Committee, where she was grilled about the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policies that resulted in children being separated from their parents.

Here’s what we learned from today’s hearing:

  • On children in custody: Nielsen said she didn’t know how many children are in Customs and Border Protection custody.
  • On Trump’s national emergency: She defended President Trump’s national emergency declaration despite his claim he “didn’t need to” do it.
  • On terrorists entering the US: Nielsen confirmed that most terrorists were stopped while trying to fly to US — not at the border.
  • On zero tolerance: Nielsen defended the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, which called for the criminal prosecution of adults crossing the border illegally and, as a result, the separation of families.
  • On the dangerous journey to the US: Every girl over 10 who crosses the border is given a pregnancy test, Nielsen said.
  • On family separations: She said family separation wasn’t intended to be a deterrent despite leaked memos.
  • On drugs at the border: Nielsen said she didn’t have numbers on drugs coming through border.
  • On cybersecurity: The current cybersecurity threat is “blinking red” and is possibly the “highest threat” to the US homeland, she said.

MUST WATCH: This exchange between and where they deconstruct and rebut the Democrat’s arguments on illegal immigration and border security.

  • 03/06/2019
  • Meg Wagner and Brian Ries