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Home Politics Romney calls Democrats’ demands for Trump tax returns ‘moronic’

Romney calls Democrats’ demands for Trump tax returns ‘moronic’


The New York Post reporter, Nikki Schwab, picked up on comments made by Mitt Romney, Republican from Utah, on President Trump’s run of victories against the feeble attempts of his adversaries:

Sen. Mitt Romney called House Democrats’ move to get President Trump’s tax returns “moronic” during a sit-down Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

“I’d like the president to follow through and show his tax returns,” said Romney, who has been critical of Trump in the past. “But I have to also tell you, I think the Democrats are just playing along his handbook, which is going after his tax returns through a legislative action – it’s moronic. That’s not going to happen.”

The Utah Republican told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he believed the courts would strike the Democrats’ action down.

“So he’s going to win this victory,” Romney predicted of Trump. “He wins them time after time.”

Romney, who was the Republicans’ choice for presidential nomination in 2012, also didn’t think the Democratic candidates running for president were making much sense.


“The Green New Deal, all these candidates out there talking about getting rid of Obamacare and traditional health care, putting in place Medicare, these things are just non-starters and I think the Democratic Party is finding itself in a real difficult position with those kinds of positions,” Romney said.

  • 04/07/2019
  • Nikki Schwab