The Party of Know


Even at the state level political battles are clearly evident.  The state of Connecticut is no exception.  Representatives are always looking for ways to express their views and debate on what they think is the right procedure for policy.  Connecticut State Representative, Livvy Floren, channels her views through local publications like the Greenwich Sentinel in an attempt to clear the air:

The ugly din of rancor and false allegations prevails…name calling, rudeness and riled tempers.  One of the demeaning epithets being hurled is: “Republicans are merely a party of no.”

I beg to differ.  My party is actually and factually the party of KNOW.  Some Republican truths are:

1) state budgets are best when bipartisan

2) most Connecticut voters do not want tolls

3) the “debt diet” and a hard bond cap are excellent initiatives

4) economies of scale and shared services are viable goals to be locally determined

5) the transportation lockbox and “Prioritize Progress” offer reasonable means to accomplish needed infrastructure improvements

6) increased taxes will not solve the deficit

7) quality of life issues – jobs, the economy, education and access to healthcare – are of paramount importance to all Connecticut residents

The laudable list of positive and informed Republican principles goes on and on.  There are ways to make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family.  We know!

  • Greenwich Sentinel
  • 04/05/2019
  • Livvy Floren, CT State Representative