Tom Brady likes news of Philip Rivers’ split with Chargers in ongoing effort torturing Patriots fans


In Yahoo! News (Sports), Jason Owens, picks up a tweet from Tom Brady commending the decision of veteran quarterback Philip Rivers in parting ways with the Chargers.  Since the Super Bowl ad when Brady toys with viewers about his “moving on” a common tone has been coming out of the Brady camp.  Here’s the report:

Tom Brady’s just messing with people now.

The pending free agent inspired mass anxiety in New England last month with a vague social media post that turned out to be a Super Bowl ad.

Now he’s out here liking posts about Philip Rivers leaving the Los Angeles Chargers.

Brady-to-Chargers rumors gain steam

The six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the Patriots is reportedly being encouraged by team owner Robert Kraft to explore his free agency options before opening formal discussions with the team.

With the Chargers opening a new stadium alongside the Los Angeles Rams in the fall, they’re considered to be the top non-Patriots team to vie for Brady’s attention via free agency.

The city of Los Angeles has shown next to no interest in the Chargers since they moved from San Diego, and a name like Brady would surely boost the prospects for ticket sales. Now that Rivers’ tenure in Los Angeles is done, the Chargers are expected to get in on the offseason Brady bidding.

Brady feeds the rumor mill

The NFL announced the news of Rivers’ split with his longtime team on Monday via Instagram.

Brady liked it.

Brady could have just casually responded to a piece of interesting news with an Instagram like many on social media do. Or the media-savvy professional was fully aware of the implications of his action and has an ulterior motive — like stirring the pot.

Brady’s fate is the most compelling player storyline of what promises to be a wild offseason of potential quarterback changes.

Until he makes the call, Brady looks ready to milk the attention for all that its worth.

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