Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Reveals Why He’s No Longer as Angry at the Astros Over Cheating Scandal


In this ESPN interview via a 12UP article, Jack Murphy captures brief sentiments of Yankees Manager Aaron Boone.  Though his current downgrade of the Astros scandal adheres with the prevalence of most fans (during this virus outbreak), we believe it may be short-lived and re-initiated once the season starts.  Here is the report:

The New York Yankees have fallen to the Houston Astros twice in the past three seasons, both times in the ALCS.  Manager Aaron Boone, like other members of the Yankees, was livid when news of the Astros’ cheating scandal was made public.

However, in the light of the pandemic, Boone is no longer upset at the team that comprised the game of baseball for at least a year (though it’s widely believed it was three years).

Boone vowed to move on from all of this back on the first day of Spring Training, and he has done just that.  He recently mentioned that the coronavirus outbreak helped him get over it.

“I do think that when you have something like this (coronavirus scare), it does probably put things more into perspective,” said Boone in an interview with Michael Kay on ESPN Radio.

Boone is taking the high road with his stance on one of the MLB’s biggest scandals in history.  While he was not a part of the Yankees organization in 2017, many of his players were cheated out of a World Series appearance that year.  He felt he already said his peace, and now it’s time to move on because the world is dealing with much more pressing issues.

That’s what we call perspective.  But once the MLB season gets underway, everyone will quickly remember the Astros wrongdoings.

  • 03/29/20
  • Jack Murphy