How the Media Completely Blew the Trump Ventilator Story


Out of “West Wing Reads,” the White House expresses their dismay towards the Press yet again by forwarding Rich Lowry’s report in the National Review.  Below is an excerpt from it…at which I think you’ll get the gist:

“After nearly four years of unrelieved Trump hysteria in the media, it’s hard to rank the worst journalistic outrages,” Rich Lowry writes for the National Review. But how the press misreported the story of America’s ventilator stockpile “belongs high on the list.” 
Last year, America produced a total of 30,000 ventilators. This year, the country will produce somewhere around 200,000—and the machines are already coming in.
“By any measure, that’s a success, certainly compared with where we thought we’d be less than a month ago. If the media weren’t so devoted to gotcha idiocy, more people might know about it.”

  • : 04/21/20
  • : White House Press Staff