This News Reporting turns the Stomach



In a day and age of uncertainty, we find ourselves hearing multiple news reports that is disconcerting.  When we watch the Trump Administration’s news conferences on the coronavirus we notice that there are vast amounts of positive, forward-pressing notations on what America is doing about this pandemic.  But what does the press cover…the one blemish.

Watching “Meet the Press” this morning on NBC, the harshness of Chuck Todd (resembling Jake Tapper) in his questioning and idiosyncracies towards Dr. Birx was stomach-turning.  No wonder people are still hoarding toilet paper at the super markets.  No wonder there is declining trust in the news.  If these reporter’s, who live a life reporting on the actions of “do-ers,” think they have all of the answers (because they sure act like they do on the air) maybe they should join the task force and offer some solutions.

We live in a culture obsessed with success.  And our country will get through this.  But not with the help of the News it seems.

Funny how Governor Cuomo can say that we are learning as we go here and that we will be making policy adjustments as the data comes in.  That is leadership and he is praised.  The Trump Administration and the CDC Task Force are demonstrating this same form of leadership and they are ridiculed.

Just as Americans voted their conscious in the last election and demonstrated how out of touch the News Polls where on their projected outcome, we too can demonstrate our power as citizens, and simply turn the channel.

  • Meet The Press
  • 04/27/20
  • Chuck Todd