Olive Garden fans jump to its defense after Anderson Cooper drags chain


In the NY Post on Wednesday, Amanda Woods reports colorfully on the response to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s stereotypical comment, that the mob of rioters who stormed the US Capitol should celebrate at the Olive Garden.  What is interesting is that the coverage of this blatant comment, toned as demeaning, and associating the rioters actions, and persona, with one of America’s beloved Italian Restaurant chains, is only covered (through our research) by Bloomberg, Fox News, and the NY Post.  Are all of the other news outlets protecting Cooper? 

In the Fox article it is stated that many perceived it as condescending to both Trump supporters and to the popular restaurant chain.

In journalism, reports are to be made objectively.  There seems to be a modern day movement for opinion, cynicism, and favoritism.  Journalists today think they are celebrities, of higher importance than government leaders, athletes, actors and actresses.  I could never imagine Walter Cronkite acting like a Jim Acosta, Jonathan Karl, or Chuck Todd, who ask questions in a condescending and haughty manner.  Or, a sports journalist arguing with self-assurance why a certain basketball player is the all-time best, while the claimant can’t make a lay-up themselves.  I would like to see these outspoken journalist try to accomplish the many tasks on our political leader’s plates with the apparent extensive pressures of the job.  Their selective tones and choice of diction in their reporting do not help implemented American policies from achieving the highest level.  Here’s the report: 

In Olive Garden we trust.

Fervid Olive Garden fans jumped to the restaurant chain’s defense after Anderson Cooper dared to drag the popular eatery — saying the mob of rioters who stormed the US Capitol should celebrate there.

The CNN anchor made the comment Wednesday as video of angry protesters storming the Capitol appeared on the screen.

“Look at them, they’re high-fiving each other for this deplorable display of completely unpatriotic, completely against law and order, completely unconstitutional behavior, it’s stunning,” Cooper said.

“And they’re going to go back to the Olive Garden and to the Holiday Inn they’re staying at, or the Garden Marriott, and they’re going to have some drinks and talk about the great day they had in Washington … They stood up for nothing other than mayhem.”

Olive Garden quickly started trending on Twitter, with quick-witted fans defending the Italian chain.

“All Olive Garden ever wanted to do was provide unlimited salad and breadsticks to the people,” Imani Gandy wrote. “They don’t deserve to be dragged like this.”

“There is a literal coup happening and somehow y’all have still found the time to drag Olive Garden,” Twitter user Shaynizzle wrote.

One popular meme showed a man wearing a Trump hat smiling as he walked away with a congressional podium.

“When you’re about to celebrate w the boys at Olive Garden /// holiday inn,” one caption said.

“You coming to Olive Garden after curfew?” said another. “That’s cool, I’ll catch you at the hotel pool later.”

Olive Garden has not addressed Cooper’s comment on Twitter.

  • 01/07/2021
  • Amanda Woods