Chris Cuomo misses mark with CNN broadcast


Upon tuning-in to Chris Cuomo and his prime time news program on CNN last night we felt compelled to offer this brief opinion.  During those few minutes, the program presented visuals of our national guard camping out in Washington DC, perhaps getting ready to protect our cherished government buildings, monuments, and of course our legislators with the upcoming Inauguration.   The commentary from Cuomo was in a plea-like form saying things like, “what have we become as a nation, that we have to resort to such measures…using more service men to protect our government and the up and coming political rituals, than we used in parts of our middle east operations,”  He even referenced 9/11 and stated that he was in New York City that day, giving the impression that he was looking for some type of solemn appreciation (perhaps for those young viewers tuned-in not realizing that there were 8 million other people including myself in the city that day) that we are to look at him with some praise.  

What Cuomo perhaps doesn’t realize is that he and his colleagues in the media are partly to blame for the division in our society, politics, our demeanor, and what transpired at the Capitol building last Wednesday.  He looked like during his broadcast that he just burnt the barn down in his backyard by throwing a half lit cigarette in the hay and then confronts his family like “what happened?”  The biased journalism on display against the White House Administration over the past 4 years, in line with the liberal left, has been outrageous.  How another reporter can stand in front of a Presidential press conference and try to manipulate the highest ranking elected officer in the free world is despicable.  As a colleague once said…America is trying to fly again and that is a strong task, after being subjected to the poison-pen jargon, portrayed in a liberal stench skunk-like aroma that offends the air.

While thugs were breaking the law and getting into entanglements with our law enforcement, democrats, and the liberal left (including the liberal news) were promoting de-funding the police.  Now these same people are saying we need as much security as we can get to protect our government.

The revolution over the past 4 years against politicians, government corruption, media manipulation, was headed by a business-man, who some say should be commended.  What other President has donated a good part of his salary back to charitable causes, tried to make America first in its policies, and protect its citizens?  As compared to say, Barack Obama, who moved to globalize jobs, and has clearly profited from his presidency – currently worth around $40 million dollars.

Perhaps Cuomo feels that the damage is done…that the mission is accomplished…that Biden is coming to the White House…and now, it is also his (Cuomo) job to calm the masses in the form of, “what’s going on, what have we become, everyone needs to calm down?” in a surprised, compassionate tone.

We wonder how it must feel to be in a profession where, according to the latest Yougov poll taken last week, only 15% of Americans believe the news.  In a better perspective…Weathermen are more believable to Americans.  

The rules of journalism include reporting objectively, to report what has happened and to try to remain less opinionated.  Anything less is propaganda.  And now we can see the collateral damage of that effort.


  • 01/13/2021
  • Chris Cuomo