Megyn Kelly Blames Capitol Riot Partly on US Media That ‘Checked Their Objectivity’ Covering Trump


In an article in The Wrap, Clara Chan picked up a report via BBC that Megyn Kelly believes the media outlets are partially to blame for the riot at the Capitol.   Chan’s report includes two comments from anti-Trump supporters but fails to include support for Kelly’s  comments.  In a recent Yougov poll only 15% of Americans believe the News.   I wonder how it must feel for journalists, who claim accuracy, knowing that more people believe weather reports at 50-50% than they believe in them.  Americans are smart, and have seen this manipulation going on well into the Obama Administration.   How would Liberal Democrats feel if their appointee received the same treatment as the Trump Administration?  William Buckley said is best…”Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, and then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

In today’s distribution of The Yahoo! Daily there are 7 articles about Trump, and Republicans, and all of them are negative.  Yet, on January 20th, this news source included the following claim on their distribution:  “Our editors handpick stories twice a week from our own reporters and our media partners to help you stay informed, feel prepared and find moments of relief.”

Perhaps Mr. Frum and Mr. Fugelsang can demonstrate the “100’s of Lies” that the Trump Administration has handed out, and include why the Democratic Party has mislabelled the Trump/Republican following as “White Supremacists” when there is, in actuality, a diverse mass of “Nationalist”  who do not want to give up their morals, customs, and beliefs.  Just look at the pictures/videos of the people at the Trump rally, and at the Capitol on that day – what you will find is a diverse crowd. 

In my view, a “progressive” is someone who cannot get ahead in a society so they have to push the boundaries in order “for them” to get ahead.   In the 1930’s, the liberal media failed to cover Winston Churchill’s alarming projections that Germany was arming.   Back then, the lack of coverage, and biasness by the mass media outlets cost millions of lives.   News outlets should be held accountable, and self-impose a re-set, that objectivity is to be the norm.   Here’s the report:

Megyn Kelly believes that media outlets were partially to blame for the riot at the Capitol earlier this month because they “checked their objectivity” when covering Donald Trump.

“They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity, and it wasn’t just CNN. All of them did. They just couldn’t check their own personal feelings about him,” Kelly said in a recent interview with BBC Newsnight.

The former Fox News host then said “too many” journalists followed the “Jorge Ramos theory of covering Trump” by describing Trump and his behavior as racist, sexist and misogynistic.

“He advocated, prior to Trump’s election, that we needed to cover him differently, that you needed to outwardly call him a racist, sexist, misogynist, all of it, and that that was important for history. And I think too many journalists agreed with that at their own peril,” Kelly said. “Part of the reason that we saw what happened on the Capitol here, two weeks ago, was because there’s been a complete lack of trust, destruction of trust in the media and people don’t know where to turn for true information. They don’t trust the media anymore, and it’s a major problem.”

Her comments drew the ire of some viewers on social media.

“Megyn Kelly reminding you that when the President lies 100s of times and encourages rejection of certified democracy that it’s logical to blame the media for their bias against liars,” John Fugelsang, the host of SiriusXM’s “Tell Me Everything,” tweeted.

“Megyn Kelly lost her Fox News TV show and was forced to hire a security detail to protect her children after she asked Donald Trump one tough question at a presidential debate. She better than anybody should know that objective coverage of Trump would of course be very negative,” writer David Frum said in response to Kelly’s comments.

The video clip of her comments can be found on Twitter.

  • The Wrap
  • 01/24/21
  • Clara Chan