LeBron James’s moral bankruptcy is showing


In the Washington Examiner, Zachary Faria, reports on the problem with athletes getting political.  In this case, he focuses on LeBron James.  Very often the one’s that cry discrimination are the biggest discriminator’s of all.  Most people are smart enough to see through the D-Word being used as a tool for profit.  Here’s the report:

The public persona of LeBron James is one of a socially conscious, brave leader who speaks against injustice. The reality is that he pushes detestable, repulsive political talking points and uses his platform to defend genocide and spread racial hatred.

LeBron most recently decided to tweet a (now deleted) picture of the Columbus police officer who killed Ma’Khia Bryant with the caption “YOU’RE NEXT,” calling for “accountability.”

To be clear, LeBron is upset that a white police officer saved the life of a black woman whom the knife-wielding Bryant was about to stab. Bryant had ignored the officer’s order to stop down, and instead charged at the other woman with a knife before the officer opened fire. The officer’s big crime was being white and doing his job — using lethal force to prevent a murder.

LeBron doesn’t get to claim ignorance on issues like this. After all, he smugly stated that he “does his homework” and that he speaks from “a very educated mind.” He has also claimed that he will “never shut up about things that’s wrong,” even though he routinely defends China’s genocidal regime when the issue — near and dear to the NBA’s pocketbook — arises.

James is confident in the morality of his position, which in this case invovles claiming that a police officer was wrong to prevent a brutal stabbing almost-in-progress.

This isn’t a first for James. Even after it was clear that Jacob Blake was armed with a knife when he was shot by police, LeBron expressed disappointment that the officers weren’t charged for defending themselves. He also claimed that supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong made you “misinformed or not really educated.”

If LeBron really knows what he’s talking about, as he claims, then he is knowingly inciting racial hatred against a white police who did nothing wrong, all the while supporting the destruction of democracy in Hong Kong and making excuses for the regime that is committing genocide against the Uyghurs either. Please, no one bring up his or the NBA’s financial ties to China.

As LeBron has shown with his half-cocked talk about the police, he is chiefly interested in spreading racism and division. And every time he ignores or even defends China’s authoritarianism, he is showing that his own self-interest is more important than the most basic human rights. LeBron wants to be treated seriously as a political and social leader, but his record so far evinces moral bankruptcy.

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Original Author: Zachary Faria

  • 04/21/2021
  • Zachary Faria