About Us

Who are we?

Reply To News is owned by RETN, Inc., a New York based company, comprised of media professionals. We are an independent site for posting responses, commendations and rebuttals to both accurate and inaccurate articles/reports (news). Because we are independent we provide the means to illustrate a more realistic experience.

How did Reply To News come about?

The idea originated many years ago by its founder who's 75 year old family business was wrongfully scrutinized by the local newspaper in its area. No matter how the company portrayed a proactive demeanor in its operation with full lawful compliance, the local reporter presented his article in a way that did not exemplify these facts. The members of this small business did not have the many options it has today. Back then, they either had to pay this very same newspaper to run their position in an advertisement, or find other means to get the word out. They later found out that one of the editors lived locally and had a personal financial gain to see the operation of good standing halted and sold into a real estate development.

Why use Reply To News?

If you’re involved in a news report that does not have all of the facts, why would you want to go back to the very same site to post your side of the story (and thus draw advertising eyeballs to them). Whether you are an actor, musician, athlete, social service professional or business owner, Reply To News allows you to post your side of the story and in your own words to “our” subscribers.

How does it work?

    • Register with the site
    • Provide a reference to the publication: title, source of publication, author, date of article
    • Enter your rebuttal and date for publication
    • Set a topic category and whether to allow public comments (note: we keep an account of which source is receiving a reply.)
    • Press "Submit" to complete entry

Tired of biased news...post your side of the story on Reply To News.