Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Don’t let vegetarian environmentalists shame you for eating meat. Science is on your side.

Here’s an Opinion commentary in USA Today from Bjorn Lomborg, who is president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School, about what he believes to...

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies

...boost some of my most important workplace skills. Creativity. To stand out and compete in today’s crowded and constantly changing business environment, organizations need new, innovative ideas that will rise...

Health Officials warn of virus that send infants to Intensive Care

In a New York Post article today, Lia Eustachewich, reports on a very important issue. Federal health officials warned this week of a highly contagious cold-like virus that affects everyone,...

New York Becomes State With Most Coronavirus Cases

...and irregular they may seem, and have confidence in our medical community that a cure will soon be upon us. Here’s a report today in Newsweek: On Monday, New York...

Virus Testing Experiment in Italian Town Appears to Have Halted COVID-19

In Newsweek today, Rosie McCall, reports on good news coming out of northern Italy on the coronavirus…a model all subsequent countries can follow. Btw, a friend of mine said that...
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