Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to pay to post a reply?

We do not charge a fee to make a entry submission, offer comments, or view the site.

2) Will I be charged a subscription fee to view the replies?

You can view replies at no charge anytime, and receive via RSS new responses and updates.  You can also sign-up for free to make contributing entrees, or comments to replies.

3) Why do you keep an account of the original source of the initial report?

We keep an accounting of initial sources of news replies to demonstrate news credibility.

4)  Can I receive a hard copy of Reply To News?

Currently we are completely digital but envision a time when we can publish a printed newspaper of replies.

5) Why does my reply not immediately get posted?

In some cases there may be a delay in posting your reply so we can authenticate it is the very source responding.

6) Do I have to post my full reply at the initial moment?

No, you can utilize the recommended default post which states, "This article/report has discrepancies that we would like to address.  While we do not have time to rebuttal we would like to post that one is forthcoming."  Additionally, you will be able to post a reply and modify it at a later date.

7) Are reply posts only rebuttals or counter-arguments?

We are an independent site for posting responses, commendations, rebuttals to accurate and inaccurate articles/reports.  Because we are independent we provide the means to illustrate a more realistic experience.